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LaszloNagy85 Get better servo. Jx has 17g servo that is olug and play.

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D: does it support any stylus and keyboard? which ones? thanks

Domandata da BG173533361 il 2021-02-09 03:43:27

LaszloNagy85 Stylus i don't know but any Bluetooth keyboard. I use. Logitech.

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D: what kv is the motor

Domandata da BG431742168 il 2022-07-23 06:18:29

LaszloNagy85 Dont know exactly. It is a 260 motor. I would say its too fast, not the best for crawling, but for the rtr version if you keep it stock it does the job.

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Demopower 22/07/2021
Simply The best RTR you can get for 35-40GBP. If you are looking to get into the hobby, dont search further. You found what you were looking for. This is the best RTR to start this hobby in this price range. WPL is becoming the leader of cheap mini crawler category. They listen to customers, give you help and support where needed. This combined with banggood's fantastic customer service :) you cannot go wrong. About this crawler, what you get for 35-40GBP: - plug and play basic crawler that can crawl up on 50° incline whaaaat? Yes for real. Measured it. - 180 motor that is full of torque, mn99s comes with 260 motor that is faster, but has way less torque... Thorque is what actually needed for a crawler, speed in this sport does not needed at all - metal axle gears, so no need to worry about these - upgraded drive shafts that won't slip any more - working front lights - as it is an RTR, tyres are hardish, but the point behind this is that with harder tyres, this crawler will last longer if you do not plan to upgrade it, as hard tyres gives less pressure on parts, so happy with it - full proportional control - amazing scale body - space for biiiig battery in the middle of the car, best place for weight balance - pull rings on front bumper already, no need to spend on these - very handy remote, that can be used with one hand - still there but only a very small bump steer effect that is surprising on a cheap rtr - vert good turning angle All in all, if you are looking for an RTR, buy it :D you wont regret it.
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Maxijoe Secondo me dipende dalle pagine di Banggood e anche dal magazzino di partenza, se cambi magazzino (CN, PL, CZ...) spesso cambia prezzo. Quando vedi i prodotti in certi menù a volte costano meno, forse perché li visualizzi da pagine di offerte o vantaggi VIP. Ma il prodotto è lo stesso.

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JKhan03 Its not needed its ok

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