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D: I am curious: is it 2800mWh or 2800mAh?

Domandata da borto il 2019-01-17 01:23:17

alwino1969 You say it is 2800mAh Battery says 2800mWh I tend to believe what battery says......still then it is a bit high for AAA isn't it?

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alwino1969 No....not good for that.....Single core....will break when moving too much (too stiff and thin)

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D: is this E14 to E27 or what is it?

Domandata da Laurens1996 il 2020-10-26 06:52:55

alwino1969 E27 ...........It says in the F U C K I N G title dumbass!! GEEEZZZZ

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D: What is the weight of 1 (or set of 4) prop?

Domandata da Reed il 2019-05-30 03:45:21

alwino1969 Trydividing...

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D: hi, this works on vr009? regards

Domandata da doomio il 2020-12-18 02:44:44

alwino1969 ifit has video out...yes

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D: do I need 18650 batterys for the goggles now?

Domandata da BG404844434 il 2020-12-21 06:39:29

alwino1969 WHY WHY WHYjQuery111308904620218229629_1608559000206jQuery1113033052740519187807_1608559127148Why always these dumb questions!?? JUST READ description!! It is as clear as day. SERIOUSLY?? It even says in the title! YES you need 4!! That is FOUR!!

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