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D: How to use UWANT spot cleaner

Domandata da Vvera il 2021-12-15 11:49:48

The seller Use Display: A. Unpacking: After receiving the machine, please check the parts and accessories according to the instructions and install the wastewater tank, hose and brush according to the assembly instructions. B. Fill up the clean water tank, connect the power cord to the power supply, and press the On/Off button on the panel to activate the machine. Put the brush on the position to be cleaned, press and hold the Water Outlet button to spray a corresponding amount of water and scrub with the brush. After cleaning, gently press the suction port of the brush to absorb water stains into the wastewater tank. In case of stubborn stains, add an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid to the clean water tank according to the instructions, and press “Clean Mode” to switch to the strong mode to enhance the cleaning effect. C. After cleaning, press and hold “Self-cleaning” on the brush to clean the brush and hose. After self-cleaning, remove the wastewater tank, clean and put it back to the machine. Press and hold the “Wind Up” button on the back of the machine to take up the cord.

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D: Why to choose UWANT Spot Cleaner?

Domandata da Vvera il 2021-12-15 11:48:14

The seller ① Moisturizing with running water, simultaneous spraying and suction, thorough and deep cleaning Different from the traditional household stain cleaning process (spraying cleaning fluid + scrubbing and rubbing + washing with water + wringing out and drying), the machine integrates “spraying water + scrubbing + pumping + absorbing water” in one simultaneous process, which has extremely strong and easy stain removal ② Deep cleaning, fast drying Two levels of suction power are available (maximum suction power up to 12 Kpa). It not only cleans surface stains, but also penetrates deep into the fabric to extract dirt for thorough and deep cleaning. After cleaning, it simultaneously absorbs water and quickly dries. ③ Patented self-cleaning design, avoids unpleasant smell caused by bacteria in the pipeline Press and hold the Self-cleaning button to rinse the brush and the inside of the pipe with clean water automatically, remove the stains, and avoid the growth of bacteria and unpleasant smell. ④ Press to wind up Take up the 5m power cord quickly into the main unit by pressing the Wind Up button on the back, eliminating the trouble of entanglement ⑤ Universal casters: free movement without restriction The bottom universal casters allow the main unit moving 360° freely, and the main body can be dragged freely when in use, which is flexible and convenient. ⑥ Large-capacity double water tanks avoid frequent filling and pouring Clean water tank 1800ML/wastewater ta

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D: Why to use spot cleaners

Domandata da Vvera il 2021-12-15 11:47:36

The seller People often encounter the following cleaning scenarios in daily life: A. Stains on the fabric sofa, urine stains and hair of pets B. Stubborn stains on the carpet C. Urine stains and blood stains on mattresses and sheets (children bedwetting, menstrual blood) D. Dust on the curtains E. Stains on plush toys F. Stains on car seat cushion & foot pads G. Stains on down jackets Traditional cleaning methods to solve the stains in the above scenes: (1) Ask a professional housekeeping company to clean carpets and fabric sofas. The one-time cost ranges from 100 to 200 USD (2) Remove the mattress and wash with water, or spray cleaning fluid and wash with a brush. It takes a long time to dry after washing. (3) Get the plush toys or down jacket for professional cleaning in a dry cleaner (4) Clean the car seats and foot pads at professional car wash shop (5) Clean large fabrics such as curtains and bed sheets in the washing machine Pain points and troubles caused by the above traditional cleaning methods: (1) Cleaning by professional housekeeping company, dry cleaner or professional car wash shop will greatly increase the cost of living (2) Washing machine takes a long time to dry, so the waiting time becomes longer (3) Brush can only clean the surface, which is not thorough. UWANT Multiple Spot Cleaner is specially designed to solve the pain points and troubles caused by the above cleaning.

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D: Hola, en donde puedo comprar más paños limpiadores

Domandata da Hosoya il 2021-06-01 12:09:37

Trollskyher We do not have this for sale temporarily

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Grinning Temporarily does not support real-time viewing of percentage status

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D: é a famosa alexia

Domandata da BG342173195 il 2021-05-05 10:49:59

Shred4ac Yes

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D: k có tài khoản. làm sao để mua được. bằng tiền việt nam

Domandata da BG615922323 il 2021-05-13 03:01:39

Braird Just make a purchase on the website

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D: ¿Cuántas pulgadas tiene?

Domandata da BG562118204 il 2021-05-14 08:03:31

Schtick 22.50 x 115.0 x 18.50 cm

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