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Chiki-Poki 2019-02-01 15:39:15
The device is working, it never failed. It definitely worth the money they ask for it. Although I cannot say it is perfect. 1. The quality of the power cord and the socket for the power cord could be better. 2. Device definitely lacks the switch on button. Unplugging the cord is not the best thing. 3. The min charge current is 200 ma, while the 100 ma is desperately needed. 4. I have 1-cell LiPo, want to do an IR test. No way. Why??? 5. I prefer when device has external set of balancing sockets. The sockets on the device itself are less convenient. You need to take the whole device in hands plus the length of the wires. External balancing sockets compensate the shortness of balancing wires of the battery. This is better. 3. The digits on the screen are too small and fonts could have better quality; 4. It is possible to switch on/off curves on the main graph but this is not mentioned in the doc! 5. Settings like max capacity (needed for NiMH) should be part of the memory slot and not the whole device. 6. Memory slots should have names, like "my JR transmitter" and not the type of the chemistry and the number of cells. 7. If I do cycling, I want to know how much it managed to discharge before final charge. There is no way. 8. In several iterations cycling, it should tell if the current cycle is the last one or one more is pending. The existing message can be interpreted in both ways. 9. Docs and menus should be more clear on what settings are part of the memory slot and what belongs for the whole device. 10. Touch screen calibration should have confirmation dialog before start with explanation of what will happen next and BIG action buttons because calibration could be off and exact touch could be difficult. 11. Save button. It is difficult to guess what exactly is saved and docs are silent on that. 12. Device should tell what criteria was used to stop charging/discharging. Nevertheless the device can be used after spending some time on docs and trying this and that. --KK
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Chiki-Poki Can you please, give any details on how you attached the motor? What are the mounting options there? What pinion have you used? Pictures explaining that would be great!

BDPX1980 2018-08-29 14:46:30
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