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D: how many meter range the transmitter?

Domandata da freddie.gante12 il 2019-02-16 09:51:27

BG991316221 it's about 25-35ft= 7.5m-10m depending on your area of driving

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BG991316221 it's the version 2 all the way through I did a usa shipment blue wheel and blue motor mount and 4300kv motor but people say do the China shipment to ensure it is but I believe both shipping methods are v2 now

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D: Can it use 3s and 4s battery. What's the Amps on the esc?

Domandata da BG991316221 il 2022-05-27 07:20:52

The seller No,this 104002 rc car can only run with 2s battery,the included esc is 45A brushless

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