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petercb EDIT of my above comment: the new batch of tool holders are not made to the same specs as the rest - I will have to grind them down to fit the toolpost to make them fit, which is a big problem as I do not have a grinding machine, and the tool holders are hardened. It is a small difference of just 0.2mm from one side to the other side of the trapezoid (6.84mm to 6,96mm) but I can not use them until I get a diamond file to cut them down.

petercb 23/06/2023
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petercb perfekt fitting NAB-adapters for my REVOX if used WITHOUT cover. If someone wants to run his tapes under cover - there are 2 screws (Philips) to losen, then the aluminium part can be removed and then use the white plastic adapter only. Even if you just need the NAB-adapters this is a good buy.

petercb 05/05/2023
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D: are the threads metric?

Domandata da petercb il 2023-03-23 05:52:57

The seller Metric.

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