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Elie hi there I never check that but I think it gave me the temperature of the room like I sat in the basement and the temperature is 18 c so it cool If you want put it in different places and see if the temperature change and then you will find out and please let me know thanks

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D: What power adaptor can i use to get the full potential of the led?

Domandata da BG354415171 il 2021-04-16 07:05:13

BG119371212 Any usb power adaptor will do

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BG354415171 As Felipe Gomes said, the bridge by itself it will not be shown in the alexa devices and some sensors might also missing from alexa like thermometer... But you can add it in the room section in order to know the temperature of room... Some devices like PIR sensors will be showned as triggers only... Also the sonoff button will be as trigger only

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