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D: has hbbtv tuner?

Domandata da BG194854145 il 2022-09-15 11:23:41

voxson yes, if the station is aligned with the standards HBBTV works perfectly

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D: In photo I saw 2000 mA At the discription you write 4000 mA Which is true?

Domandata da AggelosGiorpalidis il 2021-04-03 02:25:09

voxson Dear, if you can read properly it says 2000mA*2 - this makes 4000 mA :-) ciao bello

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D: O have power supply 24V 5A, will it work 120w?

Domandata da BG050540244 il 2021-01-11 10:50:12

voxson 24v 5A means you will feed the machine with 120 Watts the machine will run at its max power rated 72w with NO problems basically you have the best possible performance with no issues

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D: Is it a cold or warm humidifier?

Domandata da tothrobert il 2020-12-06 10:16:02

voxson it's room temperature humidifier. It uses an evaporative technology not based on heat or ultrasonic, but on a more natural system with slowly rotating discs this technology is normally found on much more expensive humidifiers.... inside there are plastic discs with small grooves on both sides. This allows for a very large evaporative surface area, without requiring a great deal of space. Unlike the drum style humidifiers, the disc wheel does not need regular replacement. Advantages include: Very low maintenance (basin of humidifier should be cleaned out periodically, but the machine will tell you this on the app) No regular replacement of parts necessary Higher output due to large evaporative surface area Can be installed in hard water situations Maintains efficiency throughout lifespans

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D: Is this version M2003J6B2G?

Domandata da nocturne_sion il 2020-11-27 04:49:41

voxson yes I confirm the version

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