RCHHUK What do you mean? Does the servo not return to the same place each time you centre your control? Or the servo not in the right position to start with? If it is the second bit, change the servo arm position or type. Also that is what 'subtrim' is for on your transmitter - to 'zero' the servo, as in to set its neutral position. Or if you don't have that on your transmitter, buy a new one that does.

lyou021 13/04/2017
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RCHHUK Tin them properly before you use them and they will last a long time. In addition overheating them will cause them to pit and erode. Filing them is a NO NO as all you do is start the pitting all over again. Use a solder sponge/wet cloth to clean and leftover flux residue. Also, never use 'acid' based flux on copper tips, as that will eat them very rapidly. I have copper tips over ten years old that are almost as good as new!

KKChan 06/02/2017
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RCHHUK I bought a chicken today. Looks good, but I have not cooked it yet therefore have no bloody idea if it will taste any good. So really, like your 'review' it means bugger all!

hk4fvj 12/10/2016
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