Demopower Forgot to mention, that the 1st i received was unfortunately faulty. I was searching for posts that reports similar problems but did not find any. I must have been an unlucky one. The 1st i received had issues with steering and servo, as soon as i switched it on, wheels were turning left and servo was making a very bad noise. I had to turn off straight away to avoid more damage. The steering on remote was not working either. This supposed to be a gift for my sun. Contacted banggood about the issue, and they helped me quick to solve this, and sent me an other one instead. I recently received it, and that one is perfect. Son will be happy soon :) perfect rtr for kids too, not just for adults :D

Demopower 22/07/2021
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Demopower Useless review. What did you expect for suvh money? This is an entey level RTR set to try out a WPL. Metal gears, fully proportional, good torque for this price. Cannot compare with a Traxxas.... That cost 15-20times more then this. Of course that will be better. This is what it is. The best RTR you can buy for ~35GBP.

Daniels Zablockis 08/04/2021
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