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D: Will this bind to FlySky?

Domandata da rolandwills696 il 2021-01-09 00:58:42

indy6 As far as I know it’s a PNP quadcopter, meaning that you have to add your own receiver, therefore you add a flysky receiver.

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indy6 This quad is specifically not well described and there is differences between the tittle and the description, there is no weight .... But generally speaking, I agree with you.

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indy6 Hi, I bought this car recently and I have the same issue. Never had this issue with any other similar product even the very similar 9115m 1:32 which is working great. I'm going to writte a complain to... Vedi altro

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D: Can you control the VTX from Betaflight?

Domandata da citybird il 2018-04-09 02:17:25

indy6 it seems it's possible to use a UART to control the VTX, but God knows how since there is not any diagram...

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D: Waiting for M8

Domandata da mrowczyn il 2018-03-07 01:12:07

indy6 M8 for runcam micro? Me too

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