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BG451817171 12/03/2021
Extremely satisfied with this purchase, would love it if some data was available about how to adjust the output voltage through it's specified range without the module control unit. I will have to do further research on this. It looks like it is a 485 ASCII protocol. For a 48volt battery bank application I have in mind the output being set at 48 volts is not suitable, but at the price for 50 amps DC it is worth the effort. Info from ZTE website locked down to certified customers and owners. If anyone can help please shout out.
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  • BG451817171 No I was wrong......it needs CAN gibberish. If anyone can tell me what flavour I would appreciate it.

    Risposta 12/03/2021
  • BG451817171 Havesolved this, it talks in can gibberish with a master monitoring unit that I have manged to get at the right price from ebay. Easy connection with can H

    Risposta 31/03/2021
  • trilitheum @BG451817171 Doyou have the part number/model # for the master monitoring unit that can change the voltage? Thanks

    Risposta 23/08/2021
  • BG219481610 Hi,You were able to change the voltage ?

    Risposta 12/10/2021
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