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BG245155491 04/11/2021
this is the 2ns one I order to replace the 1st faulty one….same issue…juddering acceleration.
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  • FERRARI7985 sosorry about your loss i ordered the 124016 and it had the same juddering acceleration/cogging issue and im returning it, it has been 1 week since i dropped it off at teh post office but surprisinly theyre is no tracking number for the parcel so i just hope it reaches china and i get my refund because this 124016 really dissapointed me and now look they discontinued the product

    Risposta 07/11/2021
  • viruzantrax13 If not then call your bank and dispute the charge! I also order a second car thinking I would have gotten the second version but instead I received the first version AGAIN! Calling my bank today to dispute the charge get a full refund from my bank and I get to keep the car for free!! Avoid all this returning shipping back and just call your bank dispute it and they will refund you on the quickness!!

    Risposta 02/01/2022
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