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James 28/11/2021
Received my B-17 from the Australian warehouse. Happy with the overall condition of the plane on inspection. Was concerned about the CG when I was about to do my maiden. I had it balanced in-line with the MLG strut (looking from the wingtip). Used 2 x 2700 3S 40C Zippys... perfect CG. Could not complete my maiden flight because I started hearing a concerning sound from the engines as I flew past. Landed it pronto and discovered one of the engine mounts had come loose! Would have lost the plane had I not landed it when I did... Phew! Did some field repairs and took-off again... after 30 seconds the same sound occurred. Landed quickly and discovered the same problem. Decided to quite while I was ahead and do a proper repair at home and also check the other mounts. Apart from this, the plane otherwise flew very well and I was enjoying it. Landing was a breeze without the flaps. With bombers like these (I have a B-26 Marauder too), my advise is not to make steep banks as the potential for a tip stall looms (unless you're flying fast). Always do wide turns and fly scale and enjoy how it looks in the air. Happy flying. BTW I purchased this PNP version for just over $400. Good buy. Good on you Banggood!
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