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erberes 25/01/2022
It's better than the NanoVNAv2 (3GHz) in every possible way, however it's good only about till 5GHz and that means that it does not unfortunately reach the 5.8GHz ISM band for S11 measurement (S21 works although it gets quite noisy there; for this in reality 4 1/2 stars if that was possible). The similar v1 (that goes till around 1.5GHz) required soldering SD card socket and crystal (for the clock if you cared) and the v2 was missing both, so this variant is better in that respect. It has a nice display and has SD card support (for me 32G newer one did not work, only 2G older one) but care is needed as it's possible to miss with the SD card the socket and it means that you have to disassemble the box to get it out. The noise floor is pretty good around 2.4GHz (tested with 60 and 65dB attenuation) and it has no trouble to show the S11 dip for such antenna. The biggest miss is that it's not suitable for testing 5.8GHz antennas. I've tested it with the firmware that I've received. As the firmware is in heavy development, newer ones can perhaps improve this a bit. For the battery you have to set the battery offset as it's likely to show incorrect charging status without it. It's goes also almost without saying that calibration for all setups is a must before any measurement (as for any VNA even professional ones).
Commento (6)
  • Kalli Thanks!that was very helpful

    Risposta 31/01/2022
  • beltet Great write up!

    Risposta 13/02/2022
  • diegomontefusco thanks.I'm a total newbie and would use this only to measure the SWR of 5.8GHz antennas (video transmitter antennas for FPV drones). Does the SWR work for 5.8GHz, or is that still not suitable? thanks!

    Risposta 22/02/2022
  • deonoost . check out from the original manufacturer. Nanorfe.com what is gping on.

    Risposta 22/03/2022
  • erberes @diegomontefusco Withthe new DiSlord firmwares (I use 1.2 currently) it's pretty usable even at 5.8GHz (tested with Lumenier AXII DUO) so in my view yes it's suitable for that, but it can depend also your expectations.
    Note: Some RF know-how is however required about calibration an interpreting what you see though, so it may require checking some online tutorials.

    Risposta 15/06/2022
  • Fpsychotic mate your review have good intention, but is just plane wrong, it is perfectly usable at 6.3ghz but you need gear that support 6ghz, good one no the things you find here, I use attenuators that multiply by 3 the price of this VNA. The VNA is quite amazing, but you need invest in gear, the cables and calibration kit are quite decent so your issue probably is your signal generator or you used or calibrated with things that are not 6ghz rated. I have 18ghz gear and it is flat till the end

    Risposta 19/06/2022
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