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Archtype 2018-03-21 01:43:58
Great little package, was very excited to get this onto an LS210 with BR2205 KV2300 motors. Pros: Tiny Foot Print F4 Omnibus Cons: -No barometer on my FC... though it is pictured anywhere this FC is. -No standoff connector as pictured. Jst wiring harness instead -had to locate the wiring diagram elsewhere (I brought it here at least, YW). -not enough standoffs to install, unless you put the ESC's directly on carbon(NOPE). Despite not having standoff connections to integrate the FC and ESC's as pictured, a great little package. All was going well till I noticed that the Flight controller was missing the Barometer. Every photo and listing I can find, Including the wiring diagram from the manufacturer shows the F4OSD V3 with a barometer installed. Might have been an QA mishap, still waiting to find out. Either way, an F4 on what will be a ~500g AUW craft needs a baro to help prevent you from smacking into the ground. Located the wiring diagram Elsewhere.
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  • Banggood Dear Archtype, Thank you for choosing Banggood and sorry for the product couldn't satisfy you.For any product problem, please so kind to click this link: https://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111 to email us. There we have specific technical staffs to help solve your problem. Thanks in advance for your kindly understanding and cooperation.

    2021-01-19 10:25:00
  • AMDaZERG Flightcontroller barometer does not work. It's on my controller, but it can not be turned on. Perhaps the barometer design failed.

    Risposta 2018-04-06 16:39:32
  • indy6 Just got mine today and the barometer seems to work, or at least the icon is on on top of betaflight configurator...But no diagrams, I found a diagram for the VTX online, but looks like a similar VTX... not sure...

    Risposta 2018-04-10 09:45:32
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