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  • 18/01/2019

    Very good, but difficult kit, it requires attention, patience and good SMD soldering skills. If it is ready, it provides a unique experience. Bas van der Sluis's videos have been very good, helped for me. There are 2 important things: the IR rotation sensor LED must to be soldered with inverted legs (without it you can only see two light strips) and the 1.5K resistors need to be replaced by bigger, otherwise the MCU will go into error mode. (The troubleshooter video mentions 4.7K, I only had 3K at hand, but it was good too.) Before you start soldering, check the pre-soldered MCU legs and the PCB to avoid possible short circuits. Against vibrations I put rubberized soles under the plate:)

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  • 26/12/2017

    Really nice kit to learn solder and debug circuits. To assemble you need to have a good iron thin solder and a lot of patience. Not CONS but be aware: - no manual - the downloadable manual worth noting - ir receiver needed to place in backwards (10 hours debugging...) - only a few button works on the remote - hard to find a good balance - all the software are in Chinese (you need these Chinese software to modify text and images) So definitely not a beginners kit but worth every penny and time for me!

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  • 29/12/2016

    Delivery was fast (10 days) :-) Unfortunately, no building instructions attached, but in another thread is a link to a RAR file. And the fantastic YouTube videos from Keving are also easy to understand without language skills. So went the assembly with my 15 year old son (ok, he is quite experienced in the soldering) problem-free. Next we will try to program our own pictures. I hope there is an english language-file for the software ... Well, I can say that we had great fun ;-) @ Banggood: Please offer more DIY kits at this level!

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  • 15/10/2016

    I like this kit. It looks great. This is a good soldering practice, I like my final results) But it's quite smaller than it seems to be on pictures. When I unboxed it, at first I thought a main pcb was missing cause it's rather small. The second minor issue are vibrations. That's a petty this kit doesn't include some rubber feet. It stands on four closely placed screws without them, very unstable. Little tip: try to glue coils at sides of them, not at top, because it can obstruct to rotation. Haven't tried to change a firmware thought. I want to study an example code and try to make some changes to clock display format to get rid of 月日 and add a year)

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  • 01/08/2016

    There are two errors in PCB, cut the line where the image shows an infrared receiver reversed. Good hex: 1 xuanzhuan.hex and 2 xuanzhuan.hex. Delete the Chinese characters if you can not open other hex.

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  • 29/05/2016

    All perfect the assembly of the kit is quite challenging made for experienced people I have assembled, it works perfectly It 'a beautiful kit to great effect Compliments

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  • 28/01/2018

    The LEDs never displayed on the lower arc of the mobile PCB. Not having the wiring diagram, I had to use the MBi5024 circuit datasheet to isolate a well hidden dry solder on the control circuit of the LEDs (no clock) The integrated circuits U5 and U6 were deactivated. But what a pleasure to do the final test that had posted the complete globe. Excellent welding exercise on SMD but beware, good experience of these components required.

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  • 06/12/2016

    GTranslate used Fun product to ride even for a novice like me. But I have 2 led that do not work, I checked their welds, same problem. I changed the leds, same problem. Resistances seem ok. What else to check? And to change the drawings or set the time, which usb card to use? Thank you Produit amusant à monter même pour un novice comme moi. Mais j'ai 2 led qui ne fonctionnent pas, j'ai vérifié leurs soudures, même problème. J'ai changé les leds, même probleme. Les résistances semblent ok. Que vérifier d'autre ? Et pour changer les dessins ou régler l'heure, quelle carte usb utiliser ? Merci

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  • 17/10/2016

    Der Bau dieser Kugel machte eine große Freude. Bei ersten Mal dachte ich HO RUCK los geht’s. Ich habe dabei Kontakte und auch ICs durch Grobheit und Überhitzen derart beleidigt, dass nichts mehr zu richten war. _ In meinem Ehrgeiz und Eifer bestellte ich ein zweites Mal das Set und ging vorsichtig mit den Lötstellen um. Beim ersten Einschalten nur rudimentäres Flackern. Lötstellen nicht OK. Wichtigster Rat: Alle Lötstellen bei den LEDs und v.a. bei den ICs PIN für PIN testen. Und dann klappte es. _ Interessant, dass die Beleuchtung meines Arbeitsplatzes mit LED Lampen die Darstellung der Kugel stark störte. Auch das Einstellen der Zeit und des Datums mit der Fernbedienung klappte. Die Unwucht war ein Problem. RAT: Dem Messingstift bei der Batterie entfernen und eine Schraube einsetzen, Länge testen. _ Hier 3 Kurzvideos: _ Facit: Extrem anspruchsvoll, aber „yes, we can!“ . Letztlich: Ich bin 79 Jahre alt. Also los, ihr jungen!!

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  • 28/01/2018

    Good exercise but only for those who have good knowledge of electronics and a good welding experience on SMD. Beware of short circuits between the legs of the factory welded MCU.

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