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Erwin 03/02/2020
Fast delivery It did not exactly fit my needs and expectations. The analyzer needs at least a 30dB amplifier otherwise it is as deaf as a stone. It does not even indicate a a local FM radio station with an VHF antenna attached to it - unless an 30dB amplifier is in series with the antenna. I intended it to use on the IF exiting my FT1000D as a spectrum display but the bandwidth and resolution are not sufficient for such an application. The lowest span is 3Mhz and the lowest RBW is 5Khz /Kc. The display is bright and clear and very good to read. It might be a good idea to buy an additional rechargeable lithium battery for it.
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  • volker_klein Hi - do you have a link to the analyzer software that will run under WIN 10 ?

    Thanks in advance !

    Risposta 20/03/2020
  • Scandinavia Youseem on top of the product.. does it also function with some of the normal PCsoftware that the non-screen 35m-4.4ghz runs with, (have you tried to plug it into the computer with the MicroUSB and see if some of the normal software will pick it up. as the standard 35m-4.4ghz is well supported

    Risposta 10/01/2021
  • chrisbeim Lastsentence was cutted: Greetings to Austria! Christoph DL6SEZ

    Risposta 27/05/2021
  • Erwin @chrisbeim Ja das Ding ist ein sogenanntes ..pice of s h i t\" aber es gibt etwas brauchbares für weniger Geld den TINY SPECTRUM ANALYZER ID: 1738031der geht wirklich gut.

    Risposta 26/07/2021
  • Erwin @Scandinavia I did not bother with that pice of S h . t any further ...bought the tiny SA Bangood ID: 1738031 this items works surprisingly well.

    Risposta 26/07/2021
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