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LilB281 10/10/2022
I love the helicopter but being a new pilot to 3D, it's going to take a while for me to figure this thing out! I've stayed in 6g for 3 days and today went to the park to try 3D and crashed on my first attempt, thus breaking the swash plate where one of the servos attach to it. I'm so upset with myself. I expected to have a learning curve but not a total crash :( Oh well, now to find the part somehow so I can get it back in the air. For those learning 3D, maybe consider the XK K110s instead since there are more service parts readily available for it. The controls on this compared to my E119 are drastically different, even in 6g mode. I felt like I was learning how to perform simple maneuvers in 6g all over again. I'm really disappointed with it being broken already and being out of it now for weeks to come I'm sure. My E119 has a bad receiver board, or at least I think it does since it won't turn on, so I can't fly that one either. Back to waiting for the delivery! Regardless, however, this is an excellent machine and I'm very happy to own it even though I'm a terrible pilot!
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  • scott look for yuxiang f120 parts, they're the same helicopter.

    Risposta 12/10/2022
  • Pedro A mon avis il faut re paramétrer la radio aussi bien en 6g que en 3d pour calmer la bête. Cela n'est pas facile pour nous les débutants mais avec l'aide du net c'est possible. Si j'ai pu le faire vous pouvez le faire.😊

    Risposta 17/10/2022
  • StickG YUXIANGYU Xiang F120 E120S for parts I did the same broke the swashplate - I have crashed the 110 on the first flight and broken it I have the Eachine 119 broken 3 x XK 110 broken - The list goes on - I'm just a crap pilot basically

    Risposta 25/10/2022
  • LilB281 @scott Just happened to think to check Ali Express the day I wrote this review and stumbled upon that exact helicopter you mentioned! I ordered it right away of course, but still don't have it unfortunately. Thank you so much for your suggestion, I truly appreciate it because if I didn't find that by chance, I would still have no clue what to do. Thanks again

    Risposta 26/10/2022
  • BG483216555 youattempted 3d manuvers after only 3 days of practice !!!?

    Risposta 06/04/2023
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