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nicolaides 2020-02-21 15:13:37
Excellent great value for money... but i am wondering about the advertised 800w! current is almost 15A (ignore the 0.11v the volt meter is not connected, it is just the voltage drop) so 12V multiplied by 15A = 180w.... which means that this is 180w COB Lanter. I can justify the 800W by saying "it is equivalent to 800 filament outdoor light" NOT 800 cop! if it was 800 .... 800w/12a= 66.66A NOT possible for the lighter socket on the other hand one of my pictures PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT 12A.... it needs 15A to 100% brightness ANY WAY IT IS WORKING PERFECTLY SO FAR !!! different flashing modes are available on the remote
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