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databanks 23/12/2018
Okay, so it was a pain in the butt to install due to the small case I'm using, but that's just down to my system. Not the fault of the heatsink. Once it's installed, it makes a huge difference over the stock intel cooler. Just look at those thermals in the right side of the picture. My mini-tower is mostly heatsink and fan now, but it's doing what it's built for. Goodbye thermal throttling!
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  • databanks Almost 12 month update - it's still going hard and keeping my system as cool as it was a year ago. 46C days? not an issue for the computer even if the humans are wilting a little

    Risposta 07/12/2019
  • nlhier i can't see the thermals the picture is very pixelated for some reason but the stock cooler a friend of mine has is idle at 55c in the bios and then just goes to 88 or 90 in a very short time it's an i 9 so this will definatly keep it under 50?

    Risposta 04/02/2022
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