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  • 18/11/2015

    I have used these in the past with great success in close range. I have recently deployed a set of these for a weather station. Transmit distance in my application is 200+ feet, through three walls of the house without issue. So far it has worked down to 30 degF. I followed the setup instructions found at Seed Studio on this device. When setting up the device, type in the command verbatim as found in the data sheet, including the + sign. Additionally, these devices will not tolerate being wired incorrectly. I accidentally applied +5 volts to a Rx or Tx pin, and that killed it. Double check wiring before applying power!

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  • 11/05/2017

    I waited for 28 days for these modules to arrive in South Africa. I managed to get some info on the modules on YouTube, and links to files ( I have tested a pair of these at the lowest power level and 9600baud, and was able to get range of about 30m (indoors). Will still test further when I get time. One thing you can look out for: If you are using PUTTY for your terminal session, and the device is in "setting parameters state", i.e. 'SET' pin in 'LOW' state, the command to send is: 'AT', and PUTTY sends each character as you type it, so the module will return 'ERROR' because it does not recognize the 'A' as a command. Use hyperterminal or arduino's serial monitor instead! You're welcome! Great product, great value for money, relatively easy to use!

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  • 30/09/2017

    Attached it to adafruits FTDI friend, and works at low speed right out of the box

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  • 17/11/2017

    I already have bought ~20 modules of them because the are really good. At my actual order, i got modules with firmware HC-12_V2.4 From my old orders i have modules with firmware HC-12_V2.3 It seems there is no good connection between modules with different firmware. Is there any way to up/downgrade the firrmware?

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  • 04/01/2017

    Nagyon bejött. Városi, rádiózajos környezetben több falon át küldött adatokat nagyon megbízhatóan. Távolság próbát még nem csináltam vele, de nem tartom kizártnak hogy hozza az 1km-t is... Marha egyszerű használni, tényleg csak RX, TX-re kell kötni, és onnantól mehet a kommunikáció, nem kell hozzá semmi.

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  • 23/04/2024

    Un mix con il mio indirizzo, ma Banggood è riuscito a consegnare il mio ordine. Ottimo servizio.

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  • 05/06/2023

    Questi sono i modelli originali e non "falsi"; funzionano perfettamente. Ho ottenuto un raggio di 160 metri in centro, da una stanza al primo piano usando le antenne a molla che è venuto con esso.

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  • 26/09/2022

    Comodo avere intorno e funzionano bene.

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  • 17/03/2022

    Spedizione veloce

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  • 18/10/2021


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