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CyrusMonroe 02/01/2021
Ok, other than to say it took FOREVER, and yet from the same distribution center as other packages, so this miffed me a little. Package was crushed, yes as you can see, but none of the pieces inside were damaged thank god. They all work as to be expected the magnification is massive these are meant to see tiny almost microscopic items if need be, like it says watch repair, they definitely, work, the LED's are bright, very bright, it comes with the batteries so no hunting for ones. They g on like sunglasses, or glasses, no head strap so that is by far already a plus in my book not squeezing my head. And those LED's are bright, that is almost in full sunlight and they are that bright... very very good, and they LED's are moveable to the left or right as you can see adjustable. very very nice.
Commento (3)
  • Dominic Youmust have received a different product to the pair I got; the focal distance is only about 20mm so they are not suitable for use in a workshop as suggested by the sales pitch.
    The lights are the only useful part of the entire assembly.

    Risposta 03/03/2021
  • CyrusMonroe if you did not get the same product as what I did above I would recommend contacting them because it certainly is not 20 mm. maybe for the highest magnification one yes but for the lowest one most definitely not it's almost about 6 to 12 in away from my projects... and even then I usually have one of one magnification in one spot and 1 magnification in the other spot... such helps.

    Risposta 17/03/2021
  • Dominic @CyrusMonroe Sixinches? That's still too close for use in soldering or other workbench use.

    Risposta 24/03/2021
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